Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Some winter fun!

We have been having fun over here with some winter activities! I'm not going to lie though, I am excited to start some Valentine's Day activities!! :) I won't go Valentine's Day crazy yet..I will stick to the winter theme!!

The first activity we did involved Adalyn and her first time with finger paints! Oh boy! That sure was fun! Mike randomly came home for lunch when we started and I am so glad he did! I really needed his help! I didn't plan everything out properly before hand (getting the sink ready for a bath, towels out etc.) It sure was funny to watch!

I got a canvas at the dollar store and used masking tape to tape out snowflakes on it. (Similar to the snowflake art we made HERE)

Then I let her go to town. I gave her a paint brush too but she really wanted to use her hands! As soon as I gave her the paint brush she put it right in her mouth! Only once...I was right there the rest of the time to tell her "no" lol

 My favourite part is always taking the tape off after it dries!!! Here is her finished project:

 Love it! We hung it in the playroom  right by the change table!

I also made some coffee filter snowflakes and hung some foam ones up too. Adalyn is so cute! Every time I opened a snowflake, Adalyn said "ooooh" and started clapping!! 

We had a snowflake bath...

...and played with snowballs! The first thing we played with was the foam peanut type things that come in boxes as packing!? I added blue pom poms and foam snowflakes and we pretended it was snow.

Adalyn started out liking this..she was picking the pom poms out one at a time and the peanuts as well!

Then she became obsessed with eating them!lI finally had to put it away because that is all she wanted to do!
Then I thought about using cotton balls!

This worked much better! She put it in her mouth once and that was it. They don't taste very good! Lol

I still have a few more things I would like to do! Hopefully we get to them! It is going to be hard now that I am back to work!!!


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