Friday, January 10, 2014

The Cutest Cousins!

Adalyn and Zachary are second cousins! Chrissy(Zachary's mom and my husband's cousin) and I became friends when we were pregnant and have become really good friends since. We try to get the babies together as much as possible! It has been a bit more difficult since I have been back to work..and will become even trickier when Chrissy goes back to work at the end of the month but I am sure we will work something out! We both had a free day over the holidays and planned a quiet craft day at home. We went to Chrissy's house!

I brought my cotton ball sensory tub! I went to the dollar store to get some spoons, bowls and measuring cups! The spoons were a big hit!
We also made the cutest snowmen!

I used the contact paper I have fallen in love with and cut an outline of a snowman out of construction paper. I stuck the construction paper on the contact paper and let the kids stick pieces of white paper on it! (I taped it to the floor)
I stuck another piece of paper on the back of it and we added the nose, eyes, mouth, buttons and arms on with tape. Note: It is a much better idea to stick the eyes, nose, mouth and buttons down first! This was the first time I have done this activity..I would stick everything down first next time!

They turned out super cute!
I love how they look on the window too! This has been my favourite activity so far!
 I brought another activity to do but we didn't get around to it! Hopefully one day Adalyn and I can do it here!

We also finally got a picture of them in their matching holiday sweaters! Can you say cute or what?!!

I will have to start my list of Valentine's Day crafts for next month's get together! I hope we can make it happen! February is a pretty busy month! We will have to see!!


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