Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Good as Gold!

I don't know about you but I am loving all the gold I am seeing for baby! I might just  have to make a few cute gold pieces for my sweet babe to wear! Here are some of my favourite!

1 What a cute, gold headband! Etsy-My Sweetie Bean
2 Look at this gold dot cardigan! C'mon! Super cute! Diesel in Bloom
3 Some more cute, gold hair accessories! Etsy- My Sweetie Bean
4 Look at these super cute DIY gold glitter suspenders! Ruffles and Stuff
5 A little gold paint will update any pair of shoes! Diesel in Bloom
6 A beautiful gold headband! Etsy-Pink Paisley Bowtique
7 Look at these DIY gold tip mary janes! Super cute! Le Zoe Musings
8 These DIY gold arrow leggings are super cute! Diesel in Bloom
9 Maybe I should paint some of the blocks Adalyn has? The Haystack Needle

 I can start creating because I found some gold paint! As usual I have so many ideas in my head and so little time to complete them all! I guess that is what being a mama is all about! I wouldn't trade any second of it though, that's for sure!


Monday, February 25, 2013

Shortbread Cookies

Over the weekend I made some super delicious shortbread cookies! I saw the recipe for them at Mini Manor and thought they looked very easy and that I should give them a try! ( I also wanted to use my new mixer some more!)

Here is the recipe from Ashli's blog:

1 cup Butter
1 1/2 cups Flour
1/2 cup Icing Sugar

Combine all ingredients in a mixer, and beat for 10 min.
You can either drop teaspoon amounts of batter, or use a piping bag and pipe teaspoon amounts of batter on to a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Cut a cherry in half, you can use glazed cherries or maraschino cherries or a nut or whatever you would like and place in the middle of the cookie.
Bake in a 350 degree oven for approx 12-14 minutes. 

How easy is that?! Not the healthiest cookies but shortbread aren't supposed to be! :)
Mine look NOTHING like Ashli's! hahahahha I literally put big blobs of batter on the pan...nothing fancy here!
They were soooooo good!
  They just melted in my mouth! I will be keeping this recipe in my recipe book for sure! 

Mike didn't really care for them..he's not a shortbread know what that means! More for me!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A question for you!

Hey everyone! I have a question for you! As you all know my baby has become the centre of my world! I love every minute of being a mommy! I have been posting lots of stuff on baby...updates, diy's, wishlists...My question to you is...Should I start a baby blog or should I continue to post here?! There have hardly been any house posts. Partly because there aren't too many more changes we want to make to our house (because we rent) and  partly because the things we want to do...we haven't got around too! So what do you think I should do? Start a baby blog or keep this blog and post lots of baby stuff, and house stuff when I get around to it!?  I would love your thoughts!

Thanks so much!

Should I start a baby blog? free polls 


Friday, February 22, 2013

Some Baby DIY's I want to make!

There is always a long list of ideas in my head of things I want to make! It is funny how they started off being things for the house, then things for me, and now things for my babe! This is a list of some things I would like to make for Adalyn:

I want to paint some leggings! I lovelovelove the gold paint! I love the arrows but you could make any design! Imagine two cute hearts on the knees, or a big heart on the bum?! Awww
She also painted some cute onesies! I might have to go find some neon fabric paint immediately!!
both found at Diesel in Bloom

I want to make some softies for Adalyn but am not sure how they would turn out! I have a lot of cute vintage floral fabric I could make something out of! I am thinking something like this giraffe found at
 Or this elephant found at Retro Mama! How cute is this!?

I would like to make some sort to teething toy for Adalyn! I think she would love it!
And also some babylegs!
 I have already bought the socks and have cut them! I just need to get the sewing machine out! I can't wait!
Both of these were found at Baby Rocks

I love this baby hat but am not sure if I am a good enough seamstress! It looks super cute though!
 I also love this baby name wall art! Adalyn's walls are pretty much full but I would definitely make room for this!
Both found at How Joyful

well, that is my list! What do you think?! I am basically going to go out tomorrow and see if I can find some gold paint in this town of mine...wish me luck!

p.s - Does anyone want to come over to make some baby crafts!?  :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

3 month favourites!

Our sweet baby is three months old! When did that happen!? she actually turned 3 months old last week but there was a lot going on with all the Valentine's Day stuff so I didn't get to post anything!

Here she is:
*She is laughing and smiling all of the time. She is such a happy baby!
*She loves to try to stick her entire fist in her mouth and loves to sit up whenever possible.
*She is up most of the day, having the odd cat nap here and there..sleeps 9-6 (or longer) every single night!
*She loves to be naked and loves the bath.
*She hates tummy time and being on her tummy, and let's us know!! haha

Here are some of our favourite things we wouldn't be able to live without right now:


1. Soothies....she loves this kind of soother best. I bought her the new 3 month soothies but have not given them a try yet!
 2. The BUMBO! I bought one used and she loves it! She loves to sit so this works really well!
 3. The sleep sheep! This was given to me by my friend Sharon and it is the best thing! Everyone should have one! We still use it every night in her bed!
4. The play mat with music! This was a gift from my friends Judy and Louise and we love it! We use it every single day! She is grabbing all the animals is great!
5. Our high chair! Mom and Dad got it for us for Christmas! Adalyn likes to sit in it in the kitchen and watch us make dinner or do different things
6. The carrot rattle! This is her favourite toy right now! This was from Aunt Tori! I think it was from GAP but I can't find one anywhere online!
7. "That's Not my Bunny"  is her favourite story right now. She loves to feel all the different textures!
8. Bella the Butterfly. It plays music and sounds...AND projects the stars and moon on the ceiling! She loves it and always seems to look for it up on the ceiling! We put it on every single night.
9. The leachco pillow! I still use it to feed her, because she is heavy! She also sits in it a lot! 

So that's it! I still can't believe Adalyn is three months old..the time goes by WAY too fast!


Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend over here. My sister and cousin went to my parents for the weekend! I got to see both of them and they got to see the babe. It is always so much fun when we all get together! Kayla and I went thrifting out of town in the morning before Tor got to town...then the three of us went thrifting in town...and headed to my house afterwards. My sister got to spend some time with "her" baby. I say "her" baby because she won't let any one else hold her! (Sorry Tor!) Anyway here are some cute shots I took.

 My sister in law Jaclyn from Through the Trees made my sister a shirt just like Addy's
Love you girls!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Valentine's Day! A Recap!

Our Valentine's day was great! It was busy, but great!
It all started off with heart shaped pancakes
Then we made and iced cupcakes
Painted some heart shaped nails (the thumbs at least...the rest were plain gold!)
Then we visited Adalyn's friend (who was in the picture with her with the Valentine's Day onesies!) After that fun visit we visited Gramma M. (who gave Adalyn a sweet gift)

We came home and gave Adalyn her gift from us
 She is loving books right now!

We exchanged our gifts as well. Do you see the jar of kisses?! Michael's "STACHE" hahahahahaha
I made a yummy drink called a  Sailor Sweetheart found HERE
Then Gramma P came over for a visit to give Adalyn a sweet gift! (she is very spoiled)
We also got Aunt Shan's card in the mail and one from Aunt Jaclyn too! 
Then made pizza for dinner and cut out the pepperoni for Mike's pizza into hearts! (If you can see them!)
It was a great day! It was very fun for Adalyn's first Valentine's Day! She was very tired and went to bed a little early. I think she is going to sleep well tonight!

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day too~!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Adalyn wants to wish everyone a...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DIY Valentine's Day Outfit!

Remember the outfit that I told you I made for my monkey!? Well here it is!!! My friend Amanda and her baby boy came over and we made some super cute onesies for the babes!
Here is the table and all the supplies!
I used the same freezer paper stencil technique as the Christmas onesies I made!! Here is mine:
I cut a heart out of the paper and used stick on letters in the middle. Then just painted over the letters! I used pink and a red glitter on top!
Here is Amanda's! She cut the tie out of the paper and ironed on little hearts inside and painted over top. She made the suspenders with masking tape and free handed the buckles! So cute! I think they turned out really well!
 And here are our sweet babes in them!!!
You can't get much cuter then that!!!
I had all the supplies already to make these which is awesome!

I also made a skirt for Adalyn out of tulle! I found the tutorial at MAKE IT AND LOVE IT!
She explains it perfectly and it has pictures as well. Here is the finished product and my sweet pea in it!
The tulle was $2.50 a meter so the total skirt cost was $5.00. I already had the elastic from a previous project! Therefore Adalyn's entire Valentine's Day outfit cost $5.00!! I love the price and had fun making it too! I will post Adalyn's Valentine's Day card she sent out to her family and friends soon!

I also put together a little Valentine's Day basket for my favourite monkey!

Here is what is in it!

I bought the doll at Bonnie Togs, the board book from Chapters and the Soothies from Walmart. That is all that I was going to put in her basket but found the Clifford book at Shoppers Drug well as the toys..they were on sale for very cheap so I grabbed them too! 

I love buying books! I will probably buy her a new book every holiday for a long time! (and of course write
it in!!!!) It will be fun to read all the seasonal books each year with her!

I also ended up buying her this adorable Valentine's Day beanie from the Etsy Shop HERE
She looks adorable in it!

I think it is going to be an awesome Valentine's Day!


Friday, February 8, 2013

Pottery Barn Knock Off....Valentine's Day Edition

I was browsing Pottery Barn Kids and came across this adorable Valentine Day Envelope for the back of a chair.
I added it to my cart...just to see how much it came up to. It was on sale at the time! With taxes, shipping embroidery and everything else it came to $39 something. I definitely thought I would be able to make this for cheaper and I did! Here is what I did!

I got this felt at Fabricland. I got half a meter for $6.00. They didn't have any white so I got pink. It was very easy to make!

I sewed up the sides to make a pocket. I was originally going to cut out the triangle part separately but it was the perfect amount of felt so it is all attached and one piece! I  used my zig zag scissors to make a rough edge. I cut out a heart made of red felt that I had leftover from the heart mobile (that I will show you later!)
I then embroidered around the entire envelope and the heart. I also added the letter "A" and stitched that up as well.
I also added some strips of felt with velcro to attach to the kitchen chairs!

What do you think?! I love it! And even though she might not get a lot of Valentine's Day Cards this year...she will have this for many years to come! I love how it turned out! And $6.00 is WAY cheaper then $39!


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Adalyn's Valentine's Day "Wish List"

The holidays are so much  more fun with a baby! I always loved all the holidays and decorated the house for most of them...but to have a baby and start traditions is so much fun! (Not to mention dressing them up and having photo shoots!)

Sometimes I wish I had lots of money. I would be buying Adalyn lots of amazing Valentine's Day clothing and accessories!! Here is a rough idea of what I would want to buy her...let's call it my wishlist!


If you know me at all you know I am thrifty!!! Therefore I made Adalyn's Valentine's day outfit!!! I had a friend over and we made some adorable onesies! I also later made a cute skirt. I will be posting it soon...but you should know it turned out really cute and for a fraction of one of the outfits above! I love when that happens!!

I think I can make that happen again! Look how cute this Valentine's Day envelope from Pottery Barn Kids is!! I am going to try to make it for less money! I will let you know how it goes!
Anyway, I just thought I would share my wish list with you!


Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine's Day Decor, 2013

Here are  a few shots from around the house....
The mantel looks a little different this year. The XOXO blocks were brand new in the package...I picked them up after Valentine's Day last year for $5.00. I also had the foam hearts (on the sticks) brand new in the bin as well. I thought that looked super cute! I am going to add Adalyn's picture to the heart garland but I haven't got around to it yet!
The frame with my sweet babe is new, from the dollar store as well...but I think I will leave that one up all year!

I added some jars to this shelf and got all the filler at the dollarstore. They include beads, styrofoam balls and other fillers.
You can't go wrong with a chalkboard!!
The living room looks pretty good right?! Well I removed a lot of stuff to take the picture! Do you want to see what the living room really looks like most of the time?!
This is life with a baby! She has so much stuff and it is ALL OVER THE HOUSE!
Anyway, moving on....hahahhahah
In the kitchen I have the usual placemats and heart garland...
can you spot a little project I am working on and will show you later this week?! I'll give you a's pink!

It is looking very festive around here and I love it!


Friday, February 1, 2013

Hoop Update

If you remember Adalyn's room, you remember I put some fabric in embroidery hoops above her crib! Here is a picture to remind you!
I was on the internet and found all these sites about "hoop art" where people embroider babies names, and different things in them! I had a bunch of felt from the heart mobile I made so I thought I would take some of that, some lace and embroidery thread and give her a "hoop update" Here they are:

I made this cute owl....I even attached a button for the bow!
I made this flower
...and this flower. (this is my least favourite and I might end up changing it)
I made this heart but might end up changing it too! hahahah
I made her initial, letter A
This tree took a while! But I am pretty happy with how it turned out
This butterfly also took a while. I originally cut the butterfly out for a mobile, but ended up changing the shape so I used it here instead!
I love the clouds and rain. I think I should have added stuffing to make the cloud stand out!
This one is my fave...the bunting with Adalyn's name...I thought it turned out really cute!
And here is the wall with the finished hoops!
 What do you think!? I love how they turned out! I will have to show you her nursery soon! I have made some little changes here and there, and added more pink!